About The Song: When I was in college in Connecticut, I remember meeting a lot of students from LA or NYC. Every time I told them where I was from, I was met with an incredulous gasp followed by some ridiculous question like "are there a lot of bears there?" or "do they have big cities?" While at first, I found it to be a nuisance, I learned to love it. It was a perfect opportunity to create some fantastical story, about a land where people traveled to work by sled dogs, or where people typically got married at 18. 

The truth is - Minnesota is a pretty dope place. Yes, there are stereotypes, and yes, some of them are true. So why not embrace them? I decided to pen this lil' ode to my state - an embrace of all things MN, from the stereotypes we face to the hard truths the world chooses to ignore (it's "Duck Duck GRAY duck.") 

NOTE: Make sure you stream it in HD (Facebook is kinda lame and auto defaults to SD)


Kare 11 Nightly News, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, KS95, KDWB, GO 96.3


About The Song: Beer League hockey is an attitude. It's a way of life. If it's sounds ridiculous, that's because it is. The thought of a bunch of grown men living out teenage dreams. But honestly, there's something quite endearing about it. We all joke about how we don't take it seriously, but beer league hockey, at its very core, is like recess. It's those 90 minutes where you get to forget about all of your responsibilities and chase around a vulcanized rubber disk while skating 20mph on razor sharp blades. 



 One Sunday morning I logged onto Facebook and for whatever reason decided to check my Public Page (the one I keep for my music.) I saw a notification and so I clicked it. To my surprise, one of the largest sports blogs in Switzerland had written an entire profile about me. In German. Epic. 

TSN's "Bar down"


"Cake Eater anthem"

About The Song: If you're not familiar with a Cake Eater, get educated. The city of Edina has a longstanding tradition as being the one that all Minnesotans love to hate. The Cake Eater Anthem celebrates that rivalry in true Edina fashion; extravagantly. Plus those hoodies. Look at those hoodies. 

Music starts at :15






"Going wild (The Bruce is loose)"

About The Song: As fans of the Minnesota Wild, we all had high expectations for the 2016-2017 season. We had a young roster that was finally mature, a lights out goalie, and of course an epic new coach. I wrote this song in the hopes of rallying the fans to the tune of a new era - one of victory. By the way, look at how dumb I look in that opening still.